CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Thoughts and behaviour's.


Cognitive behaviour therapy is a great model. It is often, but not always, a time limited piece of work that can be solution focused with clear goals from the onset of the work. Each session is planned and CBT does involve out of session work, often termed homework, which can include keeping a diary, an activity or thought records to help compare behaviour's and the thoughts that go with them to enable challenge and change. Other types of out of session work many also be involved.


There is often a lot of paperwork involved in a cognitive behavioural piece of work although there doesn't have to be. With a collaborative plan of the work, sessions can be planned in a way that are manageable for the client but designed to push boundaries in a safe and well manged way.


CBT can be used for many different issues, these can include but are not restricted to work related stress, phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD, panic and Post traumatic stress syndrome. This type of work focuses on the thoughts behind the behaviour's allowing the negative thought patterns to be altered and replaced.