Being based in Bebington Village allows me to be able to offer walking therapy in two beautiful locations, Mayer Park and Port Sunlight Village, both of which are just a minute or two's walk from my consulting room as well as around Bebington.

Walking, in general is very good for mental health and well-being, being in nature is well documented and researched to have a significant positive impact on overall well-being. 

Walking therapy isn't for everyone however some feel more comfortable talking as they walk rather than a face to face setting in a room which can sometimes feel overwhelming. The walk can be set at a pace that you feel comfortable with which can include continious walking or making use of the many benches located en route.

A few things you should be aware of when considering this type of therapy are mobility issues, weather (appropriate clothing is a must) and confidentiality. Your safety when walking remains with you. We will do a brief risk assessment before embarking and the walk can be for all or part of our session, or indeed all of our sessions (weather permitting).