As an integrative counsellor I do not believe there is a "one size fits all" therapy. Counselling is as individual and unique as the client and as such my approach considers the whole person, not just one aspect.


Being integrative means I am not restricted to any one way of working. I am able to draw from a variety of theories which can best match the needs of the client.


My core theory is person centered, which means the sessions are client lead and not always directed by me. It allows the therapeutic relationship to be more balanced and allows the client to explore thoughts and feelings without being fixed to a plan or style of therapy. It is more fluid. This way of working can be less focused than other types of therapies and can lead to many issues being looked at instead of being rigid and could therefore require a longer term of therapy, although this is not always the case. Each case is unlike any other.


Person centered therapy can help with many of life's issues however it can also help to reassess your goals and direction if you feel life is passing you by, making it easier to accept change, even welcome it.

Person centered therapy can help with a huge range of issues including work related stress, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties, adjusting to change, low self esteem and confidence issues, body image issues and depression to name but a few.