What is NLP


Neuro   -   relates to the brain and what happens in the mind, the use of your senses to interpret the world around you, your                   thoughts and emotions, your physiology and subsequent behaviors.

Lingustic  -  relates to language and how you use it, it governs the language you use to communicate with others                                    and influence how you experience things.

Programming - relates to patterns of behaviour which you learn and repeat, internal thoughts and patterns of behaviour that                         help you evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions.


(NLP pocketbook, Gillian Burn, 2005, Management pocket books)


The four key principles of NLP (Rapport, Outcome, Senses, Flexibility) can help 're-train' your brain. Understanding how information in processed in the mind allows behaviours to be modified and changed.


A great intervention that does requires further out of session work for improved results. This method of working can help with weight control, depression, anxiety, phobias, habitual behaviours and many more